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Art Projects are the creation of impactful, interactive artwork to be shared and displayed at the event. The goal is to change the paradigm of art from a commodified object to an interactive, participatory, shared experience of creative expression. Burning Man believes that community-driven, inclusive, and interactive art is vital to a thriving culture, and so do we. We encourage participants to bring whatever kind of art they can to contribute to the event no matter how big or small. 藝術項目是要在活動中分享和展示有影響力的互動藝術作品的創作。目標是將藝術品的樣式從商品化轉變成互動的、參與式的、有共享體驗的創作表達。 火人祭認為,社區驅動、具包容性和互動性的藝術對繁榮文化是不可缺少的,我們也是這樣認為。因此,我們鼓勵參與者都能夠帶來他們認為能為活動作出貢獻的任何藝術,無論大型小型的都可以。

Music is the audio entertainment of the event. If you have DJ skills and would like to run a set or maybe you have an awesome playlist and would like to share it from your phone then let us know. It can be any kind of music so long as it makes the body want to move to the beat; Hip-hop, Rock, House, EDM, Psy-trance and anything else is welcome.
音樂是這次活動的聽覺娛樂。如果你有DJ技能,想要現場表演一下,或者你有一個很棒的音樂播放列表,並希望通過手機分享它,那就告訴我們吧!甚麼類型的音樂也可以,只要它能讓身體跟著節拍律動; Hip-hop, Rock,House,EDM,Psy-trance或其他的都可以。

Performances are a different spectrum of entertainment. If you have a hidden skill or talent and would like to take to the stage and give a short performance then let us know that, too. It can be anything like singing a song, performing a skit, spinning fire, etc. The choice is yours.

Workshops are volunteer-led group sessions by you the participant. They can be anything! If you have a talent or hobby that you enjoy and would like to share it with others then volunteer to lead a workshop. If you are an instructor in something and would like to offer a free class then lead a workshop. Some examples of workshops that we had at our pre-compression event, Spark, included: Figure Drawing, Contact Improv, Comedy Improv, Modeling, Beer Yoga, Dance Therapy, and more. 工作坊是由參與者,也就是你,自願性帶領的小組活動。它們可以是任何東西!如果你有甚麼才能或愛好,希望與他人分享,那就來帶領這個工作坊吧!如果你是一位導師,想要免費教學分享你喜歡的,也來開創自己的工作坊吧。在之前熾燄的活動裡,就舉辦了以下這些工作坊:人體彩繪,接觸即興,喜劇即興,模特兒,啤酒瑜伽,舞蹈治療等等。

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Other Considerations or Disclaimers (ex: may involve nudity, needs permanent covered area, best when dark, etc.) Please fill out the form again to sign up for multiple participation. 其他注意事項或免責聲明(例如:可能涉及裸體,需要長期覆蓋區域,最好是天黑,等等) 多項參與者請再重新填寫表格申請。
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