When Church planting doesn't go as planned...
Church planting is hard.

Sadly things don’t always go as we hoped, planned or prayed they might. In those situations it’s good for us to carefully reflect and learn for the future. We hope this piece of research will be useful for different types of people; those who have planted and the plant not worked; for those in the midst of a plant but significantly struggling, and those thinking about planting and wanting to learn the lessons of others.

To that end we’re looking to contact planters from a breadth of planting networks and backgrounds who, for a variety of reasons, haven’t ended up planting the churches that they hoped they would – either in church plants that have not lasted or those not currently thriving.

If that’s you or you know someone who might fall into that category please pass on as appropriate and, as honestly as you can, fill out the questions below. It might take 30 minutes or more, so please grab a cup of caffeine now if needed!!

We promise that what you say will be treated in strict confidence and with total anonymity, unless you are happy to share your experiences – the final few questions will touch on what that might mean.
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1. Personal details
A bit about you when you planted...
1.1 How old were you? *
1.2 Were you married when you planted, and if so, how long had you been married for? *
1.3 Did you have kids and if so how many and how old were they? *
1.4 Did you have previous ministry experience? If so, what was it? *
1.5 What formal theological training had you had? (please describe *
1.6 How would you describe your theological 'stream'? (Tick as many as you like) *
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