RJC Youth Leader Application 2019-20
This application is required to work as a Youth Leader in the upcoming 2019-20 year. This INCLUDES current Youth Leaders. If you have any questions, please email us at rjcyouthdirectors@gmail.com.

Job Requirements:
1. Working in shul groups between 2 and 4 times a month, depending on the specific group you are assigned to. Groups begin at 9:45am and end when the main shul minyan does.
2. Attending minyan at shul on the Shabbat you are doing groups. You must be in the minyan by 9:15am. Otherwise, your pay will be docked by half for that week.
3. Participating in all Youth Leader training events over the course of the year, including Orientation, Security Training, and End of Year meetings.

Part of our Youth Department's mission is to role model for our children the values of the RJC community. These values are infused into the weekly educational material we provide for our youth. More importantly, the Youth Leaders themselves serve as powerful examples of cool people who live up to these ideals that kids really look up to. In a way, the Youth Leaders are the most important leadership role in our community. We hope you take this into consideration as you apply to be a Youth Leader at the RJC, and appreciate the impact and responsibility you have toward the kids in groups. This is part of the reason why attending Tefilah before groups is imperative. Please see the job description at the beginning of this form for more details.
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