Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park Student Volunteer Application

PLEASE SUBMIT ONLY ONE APPLICATION PER STUDENT, DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS, all additional applications will be deleted and will not increase the chance of being selected. Applications will begin being reviewed in May; please do not call the museum to inquire about your application. Calling will not increase your chances of being selected. We at the Thomas Edison Center are very blessed to have such an interest in our volunteering program. Please understand that due to this high demand, we conduct interviews for open positions to evaluate how a student can best help the museum and vice versa, unfortunately because of this not every student will get an interview.

Student applicants MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 15 years old at the time the application is submitted. There will be no exceptions made, if the student is NOT 15 years old the application will be deleted.The following application is for the 2020-2021 school year. All applications are a minimum of a one-year commitment to the Center. Again, applications will begin being reviewed in May, so please do not expect an immediate response regarding the application. Any selected applicants that meet the needs of the museum will be contacted for an interview.
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Students MUST BE 15 years old at the date of application!! Applications will not be reviewed unless applicant is 15.
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Volunteering Hours are ONLY AVAILABLE Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (10 AM to 4 PM). Other volunteering opportunities may be available outside of the regular window by assignment.
Please indicate which of the following volunteer opportunities you are interested in: (Select all that apply)
ALL Volunteers will be thoroughly trained to greet and guide visitors through the museum. When available, please select other interest areas.
How did you hear about volunteering with Us? If you have a referral from a Student Volunteer or Adult Volunteer, please list their name.
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