Monte Vista Student Survey 2019-2020
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. The information will help us develop and grow as an education community.
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What is your grade level?
What is your ethnicity?
How long have you attended Monte Vista School?
I chose to attend Monte Vista School because:
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I plan to graduate from
My plans after graduation include
Since enrolling at Monte Vista School, do you feel you improved your overall school performance?
If yes, do you feel you have improved your overall school performance, what skills have improved? Try to be specific.
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My parents are _________ about my success in school (check the appropriate phrase to fill in the blank)
My parents monitor my school progress regularly.
Monte Vista School is a safe, comfortable, and respectful learning community.
The mission and the student learning goals of Monte Vista School are understood by students, teachers, and staff.
The principal and teachers are supportive of my personal and educational needs.
There is good communication between students, parents, teachers, and school administration.
I receive timely and accurate information about my progress in my classes.
I am learning skills at Monte Vista School which I feel will help me in my future.
Monte Vista's facilities (classrooms, restrooms, technology) are adequate and meet student needs.
I feel prepared to continue my education at the college level or to enter the workforce after high school.
Each student receives personalized support to their academic planning. Regular review and evaluation of my class assignments and my progress takes place.
My teacher and I work together cooperatively to make sure I am making progress towards graduation.
I have access to post high school planning options, including vocational/career training programs and courses (e.g. ROP/CEC), community college, and four year university admissions information.
I am actively involved in my learning and I understand the level and amount of work expected of me.
Teachers at Monte Vista use a variety of strategies (e.g. tests, essays, portfolios, projects, Power Points, etc) to measure student learning.
My teachers has talked with me about my performance on state-mandated assessments (CAASPP) and we've discussed classes or tutoring available to help me.
My teacher works with me on my academic progress and we discuss strategies for improvement.
The school staff treats all students with dignity and respect.
The school staff (teachers and counselor) helps students with problems and concerns facing them and provide appropriate resources and support.
My parents are able to get information easily about my progress and attendance from my teacher.
There is an atmosphere of trust, respect, and professionalism at Monte Vista School.
I am aware of my options after graduation- e.g., 4 year university, community college, vocation/career training, military enlistment- and I know how and what to do to enroll.
Monte Vista offers extra-curricular activities that I can take part in such as clubs and interactive electives.
I have access to technology while at Monte Vista, and know how to use it. (For example: computers, printer, calculators, Chromebooks)
Please feel free to provide any additional information, comments, or suggestions about Monte Vista School that you feel is important to include in our self-study process.
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