Profiles Questionnaire
This is a short questionnaire for the 'Profiles' section of ALIM where I seek to highlight Latinx museum professionals on the website as well as show all visitors the careers that are open to them by reading more about these professionals. For a look at previous interviews, you can visit ¡Gracias!
Full Name *
Where do you work?
What is your job title?
What does your average day in the museum look like?
What (project, initiative, etc.) are you currently working on right now for your museum?
What is your educational background?
What led you to the museum field?
What are your earliest memories in a museum?
Any obstacles you've had to overcome to get to where you are now in the field?
How did you overcome these obstacles?
What has been your proudest moment with regard to where you are in your career and the work you do in the field?
What advice would you give a student thinking about entering the field?
What book/source/link would you recommend to learn more about the kind of work you do?
What's next for you in your career?
What is your favorite museum to go to other than your own and why?
Anything else you'd like to add that you want others to know about yourself or your job?
Include your e-mail address in case I have any questions or want to follow up. This will not be shared.
Include a headshot of yourself (professional, if you have one)
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