ACMAC practitioner information and feedback form
Happy New Year ACMACer!! We are delighted to finally see the end of 2020 and looking forward to a more hopeful 2021.
This year we plan to grow the team, practices, support and reach of ACMAC and are hoping you can help.
Please take a bit of time to fill out this form (approx 3 minutes). In it we are asking a bit about your practice, so we can get an idea of the diversity within our community. If possible, please answer as things were before COVID impacted your work.
We are also asking what areas you think would be best to spend our limited time and resources on.
This will all inform the plans and strategy we set out for this year and the future.

Thank you again for you help
The ACMAC team
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How many days a week does it run?
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How many patients can you treat an hour?
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On average, how full are your clinics?
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Which are your busiest months of the year?
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How much is your rent per hour?
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How much do you charge per session, or what is your scale?
If you have a sliding scale, what is the average payment per session
What style of acupuncture do you operate at the clinic?
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