Game 6 Poll
With the first half of the season gone, teams now have an idea how they match up with their opponents and division rivals. We are now moving into the business end of the season. One more game against each opponent in the regular season.
Game 1 is an Eko North Division match-up with the resurgent Stingrays up against the Panthers. Which team do you think will win?
Game 2 is a cross divisional match-up and a well documented rivalry between these two teams, both of which are coming off the back of losses. Which team do you think will win in the Gidirons v Trogons game?
Game 3 is an Eko South Division game and the battle of the new kids on the block. With these two teams picking up momentum, which team do you think will win in the Rebels v Vipers match-up?
The Gidirons v Trogons game sees the top 2 females go head to head, ironically for the first time in the season. Which of them will dominate?
Despite both coming off losses, the Gidirons and Trogons have the most prolific quarterbacks in the league. Which signal caller do you think will come out victorious?
Rebels Defense Minister, Chika, is going into this weekend having led the league in female tackles for 2 consecutive weeks. Will she make it a 3rd time?
The Panthers v Stingrays sees two of the leagues most feared defenders line up head to head. Which ball-hawking DB will dominate
The Rebels v Vipers game promises to be exciting with the Vipers offense now clicking. Which team do you think will put up points first?
If you were a fantasy owner, which of these female receiver pair will you sign up to your team?
If you were a fantasy owner with of these safety pair will you sign to your team
Which male receiver do you think will win Offensive Player of the week for Game 6?
Random Trivia
SFFL Women Break Records
Did you know that Maya's first ever catch was a touchdown for the Vipers. A record also held by another record breaking female Rasheda (Stingrays); who just set a record of scoring the first female Pick 6.
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