The Sweet Beast Reader Survey - 2021
Thank you so much for being here! We'd love to learn more about you so that we can better serve you this year and many years in the future with MORE of the content you've come to love (and maybe some new things too) from The Sweet Beast. All responses are anonymous.
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Outside of home decor, design, and DIYs, are you interested in hearing from us on any of these other topics? *
When shopping for your home, which budget-level products are you looking for? *
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If you are shopping for or recently purchased a sofa/couch/sectional, what is/was your budget? *
Are there any brands, specific products, or types of products you’d like to see us try or talk about?
What is your favorite thing about The Sweet Beast?
If Emily offered 1:1 video consultations for design dilemmas or second opinions for a fair fee, would you be interested? *
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