GRE_2020 Application Form
Please fill in this form to help us better plan your contribution to the online project Guided Reading in English.
The certificate of participation will be issued on a monthly basis using the data you submit in this form.
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Title and author of the children's book (tale or story) you would like to present. *
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(We will decide about the time once you are ready to make the presentation.)
Any questions or suggestions related to your presentation? (optional)
Maybe you prefer to record a presentation and submit the video, for example.
By filling in this form you confirm your commitment to support this educational project and your agreement to participate in a live session of about 20 minutes that will be broadcast on out Facebook page Guided Reading in English. *
We are flexible to adjust the time, but we still plan a draft structure of the live session as follows: 2-5 minutes Q&A- introducing the presenter and the book, 10-12 your presentation of the book, 2-5 minutes Q&A from the listeners and closing remarks.
The user (the account) that you will use during the live session and that we need to invite to our live session.
We value guided reading as an efficient method of English language teaching and personal development!
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