2016 Grand Boulevard Initiative Awards Program Nomination Form

Nominations due by 5pm on Friday, June 24th.

The Task Force invites its member agencies to submit nominations for the fourth round of Grand Boulevard Awards for projects and plans that embody the 10 Guiding Principles and Grand Boulevard Initiative Vision of creating people friendly places from Daly City to San Jose.

Eligible projects must be located within a half-mile of El Camino Real/Mission St/The Alameda (State Route 82) in San Mateo or Santa Clara Counties between northern Daly City and San Jose at Diridon Station.

There are three different categories of awards:

1. Project, Public
2. Project, Private
Eligible Public or Private Projects must meet the following qualifications:
a) Embody the 10 Guiding Principles and Grand Boulevard Initiative Vision
b) Must be a physical development project (not a planning document)
c) Must be entitled/approved, under construction, or completed after January 2013

The defining factor for a Public versus Private Project is whether the project is located on public or private property. The source of public or private funding is not a determinant. For example, a streetscape improvement project within the City and/or Caltrans right-of-way would be considered a Public Project. A development project on private property would be considered a Private Project.

3. Visionary: Plans by Grand Boulevard Initiative member agencies that encompass the El Camino Real Corridor and embody the 10 Guiding Principles and Grand Boulevard Initiative Vision. Eligible Plans must have been approved after January 2013 (the date of the last Awards program).

The full Nomination Instructions are available online here: http://grandboulevard.net/15-project-updates/208-2016-grand-boulevard-initiative-award-nominations.

Nominations must be submitted by a Grand Boulevard Initiative Working Committee Member. If you would like to nominate a project or plan you are encouraged to work with the Working Committee Member that represents the jurisdiction in which your project or plan is located. The Working Committee Member list is here: http://grandboulevard.net/members/working-committee-roster

1. Select the Award Category
2. Complete the following fields:
• Project/Plan Name
• City
• Project Location
• Project Development or Partner (if applicable)
• Working Committee Member

3. Provide a general Project or Plan Description. The Description is limited to no more than 700 characters (with spaces).

Please fill out the relevant information for your nomination underneath each Guiding Principle, describing how the project or plan complies with each of the 10 Guiding Principles. The Guiding Principle descriptions are limited to 700 characters (with spaces) per Guiding Principle.

See “Guiding Principle Not Applicable Status” information below if a certain Guiding Principles is not applicable to the project or plan.

You are strongly encouraged to include detailed information and exhibits, particularly those displaying project accessibility to transit and local amenities.

In the electronic Nomination Form, list all attachments to be included in the nomination package.

Please send all attachments to the Grand Boulevard Initiative g-mail account at grandboulevardinitiative@gmail.com. Please use this format for your e-mail subject: “GBI 2016 AWARDS-[Name of City/County]”

Attachments are limited to 10 pages total. If more than 10 pages of attachments are submitted, only the first 10 pages of the attachment files will be reviewed.

Please submit your nomination form(s) including attachments electronically by Friday, June 24th at 5pm. You may submit multiple projects for any of the award categories.

If you have any questions, we invite you to contact Megan Channell (650-622-7815, channellm@samtrans.com), or to go through your agency’s representative on the Grand Boulevard Initiative Working Committee.

We look forward to your participation.