Starry Yume Production Form
Femdom, Fetish and Kink Filming/Photo Shoots!

*All Information Provided to Me is Confidential*

Here is a list of My Do’s and Dont’s:
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Name: *
*Provide an Alias or Stage name if you’d prefer not to disclose yet. Legal name WILL be required on the day of the shoot when presenting ID and signing the contract*
Birthdate (Must be 18+) *
What are your Preferred Pronouns? *
Your Email: *
I will contact you through email first. From there we can discuss moving to a different contact method. Remember to check your spam and junk folder!
Location (State and City) *
Username(s) on Social Media and/or Adult Sites. *
Previous Fetish/Kink Filming History? *
Please List References if you have any:
Do you have previous experience in Sex Work/Adult Industry? (Please list, if so.) *
What do you consider yourself as? *
Please List ALL Your Fetishes and Kinks! *
Are you comfortable being Naked? *
(I personally only do lewd and no full nudity.)
Are you comfortable touching and being in the presence of someone nude for the shoot/scene?
(Normally this only applies to a multiple person shoot! STD Tests will be discussed!)
Do you have any Hard Limits for Filming? (Please list ALL of them if so.) *
Physical or Physiological Conditions? (If No, put N/A) *
Will you also be accompanied by a guest not involved in the shoot? (If "yes" they will need to sign a form and show ID once here.) *
You Understand I will have someone with Me at all times during the shoot and while we film for My safety? *
What days work best for you to film? *
You Understand that in Accordance with U.S. Code § 2257, I will need Copies of Photo ID. *
Do you fully understand that some scenes can leave bruises, marks, scratches, draw blood, and cause soreness for days? *
Type of Shoots:
It will be a 50/50 split for videos or time.
(Example: 1 to 1, 2 to 2... etc.)
You will need to record your part of the trade. So please bring your own recording device.
*Each video is exclusive content for us so we don’t post the same exact video.*
You are just here to be used for My filming needs for no compensation.
Aftercare can be provided upon request.
What type of Shoot?: *
I will always give aftercare if requested or if the safe word is called.
Scenes can get intense and drops can hit hard,  I am fully aware of that.
Please feel free to be open with Me at any time to make sure you are handled with care!
If you have a specific need(s) with aftercare please inform Me before or after the shoot.
Additional Comments or Concerns? (If No, Put "N/A") *
✪ This is not an official contract nor a guaranteed booking. If you are cast for the shoot, I will message you via email. (Please remember to check the spam and junk folders!) 
✪ If I wish to work with you ASAP I will reach out to you on Social Media you listed through DM. 
*Be sure the message comes from the accounts linked on My website so you are not scammed*
✪ When organizing the shoot, responses must come within 24 hours, otherwise I will assume you are no longer interested and pursue others.
✪ The day of the shoot you will be signing this form physically along with a content contract (2257) to acknowledge you agree to everything you have stated above. If your preferences or boundaries change at the last minute, I reserve the right to modify the shoot or cancel the booking all together.

I will keep your submitted profile on hand for anything I may want to pursue/need for the present/future. Which means I will contact you (email) when needed.

Thank you!

*Any attempts or inquiries of sexual services will result in loss of other filming opportunities! I will NEVER get/be fully naked! I am not an Escort nor do I offer any services of that kind.*
~I have the right to refuse to work with you for any reason.~
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