Collaborate with Tiago Forte's YouTube Channel
We'd love to collaborate with talented creators, professionals, experts, and anyone interested in sharing their Second Brain process. (Note: right now, we're especially prioritizing those with medium-to-large existing audiences with a close subject-matter fit to our channel – e.g. productivity, notetaking, digital systems, and creativity – especially YouTubers, Bloggers, or Authors. In the future, we'll expand this - so please submit your request either way, just know it might not be until mid-2023 before we expand our focus.)

Here's our channel for quick reference:

Here are some of the types of individuals we're looking to feature on the channel:
    • Creators with a significant audience on YouTube or another platform (Let's collaborate on a video! We'll come to you – or invite you to our Los Angeles studio!)

    • PKM experts who regularly share your expertise in a specific notetaking app, framework, or productivity philosophy – in public, OR as a coach or consultant (Let's feature you in a video or a video series on our channel!)

    • Any creative, professional, or any individual who has used your Second Brain in a creative way to enhance your life in a unique or interesting way (Let's find a way to share your story on our channel or blog!)

    • Any one with insight or access to the productivity or notetaking routines of famous creators, professionals, or public figures (Let's create a video sharing those insights more broadly!)

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