Friends of We Care AGM 2017 - Member Survey
Please answer honestly; we want to learn and adapt to changes in the industry to ensure that our level of support to kids with disabilities continues to grow.
We want to know what you think about our current membership package. Please specify whether the following Membership Package items are valuable or not to your company
Not Valuable
Logo on French/English websites
Logo on member sponsor banner
Logo on brochure
Logo on letterhead
Logo on member sponsor slide during Dinner & Awards Gala
Logo broadcasted during Easter Seals Ontario Telethon
Company profile on the French/English websites
Table of 8 at the annual Dinner & Awards Gala (a $3,600 value)
Representation with a voting member during Friends of We Care AGM and Members meetings
Invitation to join and get involved with event committees
Networking opportunities with other industry leaders
Being a part an industry-wide charitable cause
Promoting good corporate social responsibility and/or philanthropic activities
Invitations to various fun fundraising events
Knowing your contributions make a real difference in the lives of children with disabilities
With ever diminishing budgets, is charitable giving still an important part of your company’s mandate?
Your company’s short-term (3-5 years) charitable giving is likely to...
Do you know how your company first got involved with Friends of We Care?
Where does support for Friends of We Care come from within your company?
Please select all of the activities your company currently does for Friends of We Care
Friends of We Care
Don’t Do, but Open to Trying
Event Participation (ticket purchases)
Event Sponsorship
Event Donations (prizes, product, etc.)
Payroll deductions
In office sales (bake, books, etc)
Lunches (BBQ, pizza, etc.)
Dress down days
Raffles (prizes, vacation day, parking spots, etc.)
Please select all of the activities your company currently does for OTHER charitable causes
What other type of event could Friends of We Care run that would appeal to you/your company?
Does your company have a Social Committee?
If you answered yes to the above question: Does the committee get involved with Friends of We Care initiatives?
Do you have a team-building budget?
Do you feel you and/or your company are appreciated by Friends of We Care (whether it's for your membership, participation in events, donations, etc.)?
What can we do to increase the level of appreciation shown towards you/your company?
Your answer
Would an incentive program entice current members to help get new companies on board as member sponsors?
What types of incentives would your company be interested in?
Your answer
Could you recommend 3 companies you think might be interested in getting involved with Friends of We Care? (See list in your package for list of current member sponsors)
Your answer
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