Chicago Public Schools Scholarship Email Blast - Opt In Form (SY 2017-18)
Complete this form in its entirety to begin receiving scholarship, scholarship related and postsecondary access program emails from the CPS Scholarship Manager email account for the 2017-18 school year.

Please note these reminders:
- Ensure accuracy in the spelling of each email account submitted and ensure the account is checked frequently
- All emails will require closer review for actual eligibility, however we will do our best to filter what is shared
- Thoroughly review/read emails for best contact, content and instructions on applying
- MOST of the opportunities are for high school senior students (most urgent student group)
- Program information shared in some instances may not be sponsored or associated with Chicago Public Schools
- The most up to date information can always be found on the CPS web-based scholarship tool:

Important Note:
1. Scholarships are NOT guaranteed, they are a gift. Students/families must have a financial plan to pay for college. Chicago Public Schools encourages all academically eligible students to apply for strategic scholarships that are offered through our Academic Works tool to help with college costs.

2. CPS strategic scholarships (promoted through CPS Academic Works and the email account) are offered by an organization, company, institution, foundation, individual or family that specifically targets and awards CPS high school, Chicago, or Illinois students. Some of the opportunities are seeking specific applicants related to the following categories: gender, race/ethnicity, financial need and academic merit.

Due to limitations, email frequency will be based on the availability of the CPS Scholarship Manager. To be removed from the email blasts, please email CPS Scholarship Manager directly with subject title "REMOVE EMAIL" at

For the most up to date information on CPS Scholarships, visit our scholarship tool: Please note opportunities are being updated throughout the school year.

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