2019 Nebraska FFA Association Honor Choir Music Instructor Recommendation
This form must be submitted by a student applicant's local music instructor.
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Please use the last name of the student applying for the honor choir.
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Please use the first name of the student applying for the honor choir.
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Email confirmation will be sent to you following the December 1st submission deadline as a method of ensuring that you are the individual who completed this form and as a method of informing you of the status of your student's application.
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Has the applicant been selected to sing in the Nebraska All-State Chorus? *
Please list the applicant's high school vocal music participation, honors, and awards. *
E.g.: concert choir, show choir, honor choirs, superior ratings at district music contest, etc.
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What experiences and characteristics especially qualify this applicant for the NE FFA Honor Choir? *
E.g.: excellent sight reader, section leader, performs solos in the community, etc.
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How many students are in the section in which the applicant sings in the school chorus? *
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Has the applicant participated in the FFA Honor Choir previously? *
If your answer to the question above is "Yes" please list which year(s) the applicant previously participated. *
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Please copy and paste a link to the applicant's audition on-line (SchoolTube, YouTube, etc.) video here. Please ensure that the video is set to "Unlisted" rather than "Private" so that the video may be viewed by the state chorus instructor. *
Please make sure that the link is accessible to others and not locked so that the student's audition may be viewed/heard.
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