RINGO 1.4 - The current status of European land-ocean carbon fluxes and future research priorities

The movement of carbon across the land-ocean continuum is a major term in global carbon cycling, but our current understanding is insufficient to predict the impact of this remobilised carbon on atmospheric CO2 levels.

We are attempting to collate information on studies and datasets that relate to carbon cycling along the land-ocean continuum throughout Europe. To achieve this we ask you to share details of your on-going work and study sites. The following questionnaire is short, and should take no more than 5 minutes of your time to complete.

This information will be used to inform recommendations on future research priorities within the Integrated Carbon Observatory System (ICOS). In making this information freely available, we also hope to enable more effective networking and collaboration between the various groups working on carbon cycling along the land-ocean continuum.

If you would like to discuss this project further or have any questions, please contact stacey.felgate@soton.ac.uk.

Your contribution is extremely valuable - thank you in advance for your time.


**RINGO (https://www.icos-ri.eu/ringo) is a 4-year European H2020 project designed to develop the readiness of the Integrated Carbon Observatory System (ICOS). 43 partners across 19 countries are working to ensure the sustainability and future suitability of this important project. The RINGO privacy policy can be found here: https://www.icos-ri.eu/privacy-policy.

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