GemTastic alpha - concept feedback
The aim of this feedback form is to collect data about this game's 1VS1 competitive puzzle games concept as a mobile gaming experience, not specific data about game features and other specific details.

Take in count that this is a very raw alpha version of the game and may contain various bugs! The goal is to test the experience!

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A social competitive puzzle games platform with various online game modes. Players can earn virtual gems by competing against other players. Game mode example: Compete in 2vs2 puzzles with a friend in co-op over a voice chat (2vs2 game mode buy-in fee: 200 gems (1.99$), platinum prize 2500 gems (25$). Best rankings displayed on country-based leaderboards with prizes! Won virtual gems can be cashed out to PayPal or used across game modes to win more gems!
Social Competitive Puzzle Games Platform
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