Family Remote Learning Survey
This year we all experienced remote learning for the first time with little warning. The Longview School District is interested in continually improving the education provided. We would like your feedback on your remote learning experience and suggestions for improvement should we have to engage in remote learning at some point in the future.

If you have had different experiences for your students at different buildings or grade levels, please retake the survey with each student in mind.
What school does your student attend? *
What grade level is your student in this year? *
Please rate the following aspects of this spring's remote learning: *
I am comfortable supporting my child in their learning at home.
Teacher communication with students and families
Ease of accessing online assignments
Amount of time required to complete assignments
Consistency in the amount of work assigned
Classes kept my student engaged
My student's ability to work at their own pace
The opportunity to meet with the teacher and/or other students in a live video session
Ease of managing schedules for multiple students
Consistency in computer applications used
Access to a device (computer, Chromebook...)
Number of devices in the household
Access to the internet/Wi-Fi
Rate the following applications on their ease of use. *
Difficult to use
Easy to use
Not used
Google Classroom
Google Drive
Google Hangouts/Meets
Khan Academy
What recommendations can you make to improve remote learning in the future?
What is the most important thing to you about reopening schools in the fall?
Thank you for your input!
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