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Springreens is available for a wide variety of social, personal or business functions.
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EVENT SIZE: Client estimates that the following number of guests will attend the Event. Should the final guest count be above the contracted guest range, Client will be responsible to pay for the next pricing tier. The final count and Rental Fee will occur at the 15-day check-in. No credit(s)/refunds will be issued if the final guest count is less than the initial contracted pricing tier. *
DATES/TIMES OF PERMITTED USE Springreens, hereby grants Client the right to use event space to be held on requested date. Access to the restaurant will commence at on the date of the event and will end at the end of the agreed time. Set-up and break down must occur during this defined period. If break down and removal of all Client decor, guest and personal items are not completed by the end of the agreed upon time, the Client will be responsible for additional rental time in increments of 30 minutes.
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What day would you like to rent the facilities? (Must be at least 4 weeks prior, anything less than 4 weeks will require an event application late fee of $150) *
EVENT CENTER DECOR: Springreens event rental includes the use of the restaurant, tables, chairs, stage, steam table and host station. Springreens will provide a Venue Manager per contract. Additional staff can be rented. The Client may elect to purchase a decorator package for a specific rate. The Venue Manger will NOT assist Client with set-up/breakdown of decor.
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What is your decorating budget for this event if a decorator is needed? If no decorator needed type N/A *
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Do you understand you will be responsible for removing all decor items before the end of the rental period? *
Do you understand you will be charged additional fees if you are not out of the rental space before the end of the rental period? *
CATERING BY SPRINGREENS Clients must use Springreens Kitchen to cater their Event. A Springreens Chef/Cook will consult with Client to replicate the menu selected by the Client from the catering menu. Springreens will provide an estimate of catering costs (including food and service costs) for the menu. Client will receive an invoice for the final selection of the catering menu between Springreens and Client. No changes can occur to the menu after this point. Client will provide a final catering count fifteen (15) days before Event.
Do you understand and agree to the Catering policy? *
SET-UP/BREAK-DOWN OF EVENT Client is responsible for break down of the Event. Client will be responsible for the Excessive Cleaning Fee if Client does not return facilities back in a satisfactory condition. Client must remove all décor items from the event space; this includes items brought by Client’s vendors and guests. If all items are not removed, Client will be responsible for additional fees.
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CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULE POLICY Springreens cancellation and rescheduling policy is as follows: Any cancellation of an event 10 days before event, will result in forfeit of monies paid and will only be refunded based on time period cancellation happened. 20 days out (75% refund), 10 days out (50% refund), 5 days out (25% refund), anything less than 5 days is NO REFUND. Any event that needs to be rescheduled will be given time 4 weeks or more after the last proposed date.
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DAMAGES AND SECURITY DEPOSIT: Client is responsible for any damages to Springreens property that may have been caused by the Client and/or the Client’s guests and vendors. Clients are required to ensure their guests and vendors maintain the best behavior and care for the property and things associated with the property.
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PAYMENT SCHEDULE/DEPOSIT: Client is responsible for paying a deposit of 50% up front. Remainder of payment will be due within 15 days of event. Invoice will be sent initially and client can make payments to invoice at any time but will need to pay in full 15 days prior to event. Failure to pay in full will result in $50 late fee. If payment is not made prior to 3 days of event, client will force a cancellation. See cancellation policy.
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Thank you for filling out our event application. Based on your responses, an invoice will be sent reflecting the prices.
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