FKS 流浪風潮獨木舟海洋學校 Formosa Kayak School ☆ 近岸獨木舟課程 ☆
◎ 近岸獨木舟入門課程 (1天,共6小時)
水域安全規範 (Water safety)
獨木舟類型、材質、各部位介紹 (Kayak: types, materials, parts)
獨木舟安全裝備介紹 (Kayaking equipment)
水中漂浮適應 (Water confidence and comfort test)
安全搬運獨木舟 (Kayak carries)
獨木舟姿勢 (Posture and fit)
基礎前進槳 (Forward stroke)
方向控制 (Turn)
倒退槳 (Reverse stroke)
停止槳 (Stop)
獨木舟排水 (Empty a kayak)
水中帶船游泳 (Swim the boat to shore)
安全脫出及復位 (Wet exit and re-enter)
※ 比照ACA課程:Quickstart Your Kayak

◎ 近岸獨木舟初階課程 (2天,共12小時)
獨木舟船型介紹 (Boat shapes)
安全運送獨木舟 (Car Topping: racks, tie downs, loading and unloading)
離岸與上岸 (Launching and Landing)
槳語 (Paddle signals)
前掃槳 (Forward sweep)
後掃槳 (Reverse sweep)
定點轉向 (Pivot in place)
側移槳法 (Slide way)
低壓槳平衡 (Low Brace)
側傾 (Edging)
TX救援 (TX rescue)
Heel hook救援 (Heel hook rescue)
Sling救援 (Sling rescue)
愛斯基摩救援 (Eskimo rescue)
※ 比照ACA課程:
Level 1: Introduction to Kayaking
Level 2: Essentials of Kayak Touring

◎ 近岸獨木舟進階課程 (2天,共12小時)
各種槳介紹 (Paddle: types)
進階掃槳 (Sweep stroke)
船首舵槳 (Bow rudder)
船尾舵槳 (Stern rudder)
搖櫓槳法 (Sculling stroke)
拖船救援 (Towing rescue)
舀抱救援 (Scoop rescue)
Hand of God救援 (Hand of God)
運用浮力袋Re- entry and roll (Re-entry and roll with paddle float)
浮力袋救援 (Paddle float rescue)
※ 比照ACA課程:
Level 2: Essentials of Kayak Touring
Level 3: Coastal Kayak Basic Strokes and Rescues

◎ 平常日2人以上開班,歡迎來電(信)預約!

◎ 另有專案及客製化一對一課程,歡迎來電洽詢!

※ 聯絡方式 Contact:
◎ 聯絡電話:0912-807612 洪雅莉教練

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