KAT Napoleonic Interest Check
Short Customer Interest Survey (renders by Manzel)
What type of keyboard do you most look forward to covering in KAT Napoleonic keycaps? *
What keyboard language or locale do you use? *
Which of the "uniforms" for mod colors are you most interested in? (Example renders below) *
French Indigo on Mech27 TKL
Russian Green & Novelty Red Accents on Boardrun
Austrian White on S7 Elephant
British Navy modifiers on Conone
The best way to get updates about KAT Napoleonic is to join the Discord server (https://discord.gg/wHQ98Zn). However, if you would prefer an email, please provide that below.
Do you have any further feedback to provide? If you have a question you'd like me to follow up on, please be sure to provide an email address (above).
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