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Thank you for checking out PolliNATION Vendor & Sponsorship opportunities! These festivals raise awareness for the decline in pollinators and help raise funds for educational programming and sanctuaries through the Incredible Edible Community Garden, a non-profit organization. Profits raised through these events will go to grants for community gardens, schools, and parks for pesticide free pollinator sanctuaries. This is only possible through our sponsors! All donations will be made to the Incredible Edible Garden and are tax deductible. Thank you!

See our Sponsorship letter for more details: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Hb_dOSOwa6rN2r7SGvQn6sDoeeaphU_nMjSECUY2Q0M

Current Event Page: http://www.beerooted.com/pollination-festival-main-page.html
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Please offer a short description of the prize and its retail value. This information is used for marketing purposes. You will drop off your raffle prize donation upon check in.
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Thank you for participating in our PolliNATION Festival help raise awareness and create pollinator sanctuaries. If you are a reseller and a business, your business license and reseller's permit will be checked at the event, so have it available. If you are a food vendor, you must email us your food license ASAP to pollinationfestivals@gmail.com A organizing committee member will contact you to discuss your participation further upon receipt of your vendor fee donation. Until then, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share our event with others!
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