Recommend a Prospective LDS Harvard Student
Do you know a promising LDS high schooler or someone applying to graduate school that should consider attending Harvard? Are you getting ready to apply to college or graduate school and are curious what it is like to be an LDS student at Harvard?

The Harvard Crimson Organization for Latter-day Saint Alumni is launching an outreach and recruitment effort and we need your help to identify prospective students! Fill out this form with the name of an LDS prospective student and we'll contact the student, provide information about Harvard, set up contacts with current LDS Harvard students and alumni, and generally be a resource throughout the application process.

Many qualified LDS students don't apply to Harvard because they are unaware it's a feasible option or the idea simply hasn't crossed their mind. We believe increasing the already vibrant LDS presence at the University will strengthen both the Harvard community and the Church. With your help we want to encourage as many LDS students as possible to apply to and eventually attend Harvard.

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