2020 Growth Circles Washington, D.C. Application Revisions
Please revise your answers to the identified questions (you do not need to answer all the questions again, only the ones that were re-assigned to you - see Mr. Julius or Mr. Edney) - be sure to respond in complete sentences and to be descriptive and provide as much detail as possible in your answers. You are being asked to revise your responses because they were incomplete or incorrect. Take care to double check your work on your revisions, and please be sure that the answers you submit are YOUR OWN WORDS.

Revisions are due December 8, 2019. There is a link to a document with examples of complete and incomplete responses on the Growth Circles website, right next to the link to the original application. Selected students will be announced on January 15. Good luck!
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1. What do you most want to see in Washington, D.C.?
2. What are the two houses of Congress? What are the similarities and differences between them? How are the numbers of representatives determined in each house?
3. When and why was Howard University founded?
4. If you're selected to attend this trip, you'll see an exhibit about Emmett Till at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Who is Emmett Till and why is he important to American history?
5. How should students on this trip behave and why is their behavior important?
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