Invitation for Collaboration on Miki and Lisa’s Writing Project
We present the writing of Making Decisions We Won’t Regret - Creating a World that Works for All One Decision at a Time as an active collaborative decision-making process, inviting collaborator-editors to join us in deciding the final output of the book.

Our book invites readers to reflect and explore why decision-making is so hard and how to do it differently in various contexts and simultaneously presents an experiential journey through a project developed on the very principles described in the text.

We are looking for collaborator-editors who are a “fit”. Whose presence on the editor-team will create a high likelihood that this project will be fun, easeful, and mutually supportive of all of our learning and growth, and support us in continuing on the journey towards getting the book published sooner than we could do it alone.

We are looking for a maximum of 24 collaborator-editors to form a team, with a maximum of two people working with us per chapter. We invite you to take a closer look at what is in the book as described in the contents:, consider which chapters you might be best suited to collaborate on and then self-assess against the criteria below. If you sense, on reading the criteria, that you are a fit, please fill out the form below to share where within the criteria you see yourself likely to experience challenge, what you plan to do to maintain presence if and when that happens, and which chapters you'd like to collaborate on.

Depending on the responses we get, we will assess our capacity to engage with the various challenges and opportunities within the group and then get back to you to engage about whether and how it could work for us all to form the team with you as a member.

We’re excited to receive your responses and to potentially meet and collaborate with you in the near future!
Ask yourself, do I have:
# Applied practical experience with collaborative decision-making processes (Convergent Facilitation and Advice Process as core examples)

# High capacity to present my own ideas and actively engage with others’ by standing for what is true and important to me, integrate difference, and/or let go without loss of dignity?

# Open heartedness and willingness to be moved by others’ ideas and opinions, even when they do not match or drastically diverge from my own?

# Ability to make decisions according to purpose?

# Ease in working with GoogleDocs?

# Willingness and capacity to engage only in writing, without live meetings?

# Experience with editing documents or books?
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What I imagine contributing to this project is... *
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Ways in which I will be challenged when working within the criteria are... *
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What I intend to do to maintain presence when I am challenged is... *
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