CS2150 end-of-semester survey (spring 2022)
In lieu of inlab12, we would like to ask you to fill out an end-of-semester survey. This survey aims to collect your constructive feedback and suggestion to make the future offering of the course better. You will get full credit for inlab12 by responding to this survey.

- On behalf of the CS2150 instructors
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Just the 'mst3k' part, please, and without the quotes
I understand that this survey is not anonymous.  If I want to fill out anonymous comments, I can do that through the anonymous feedback tool in Collab, or via the end of course surveys. *
Please give us comments on the TAs and office hours.  What worked, what didn't, how the process went, comments on a specific TA, etc.  This question is specifically about the process of office hours, not the TAs themselves (that's next). *
Please give us feedback about the TAs in particular.  You are welcome to be generic or specific.  Note, however, that if we don't know which TAs you are referring to, the comment ends up being of less use.  You can see the TAs at https://uva-cs.github.io/pdr/uva/tas.html *
Is there a specific change to a lab that you would like to see happen in the future?  Perhaps switching the lab parts, clarifying the lab document, etc. *
Please tell us one specific thing we can do better next semester. *
If you have any additional comments/questions/feedback on the course, please provide them below.
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