Cultural Asset Inventory
Thank you for your interest in the Yamhill County Cultural Asset Inventory, a project of the Yamhill County Cultural Coalition (YCCC). The Inventory's goal is to provide a comprehensive and accessible record of the people, organizations,, places and events—the Who, What, Where and When—that provide the rich cultural life and heritage of Yamhill County. We are committed to promoting the Inventory and the creative community it represents.

Care has been taken to make the Inventory as inclusive and specific as possible while maintaining a high level of accessibility through a searchable database.

Artists and Culture Bearers will use the Inventory to:
• network with peers, both experts and learners
• find resources and opportunities
• promote their work and skills

County residents, educators and visitors will use the Inventory to:
• connect with artists, art businesses and cultural events
• discover the richness of Yamhill County’s heritage, history and humanities resources
• understand both the aesthetic and economic importance of the arts and culture

There are five main facets in the Inventory: Literary Arts & Humanities; History and Heritage; Visual Arts; Performance Arts; and Epicurean Arts. Every facet has detailed appropriate categories such as genres and media, as well as several sections – Individuals; Organizations and Businesses; and Events and Celebrations when appropriate.

General Directions:
• Inventory participation is FREE.
• Required information is noted with an “*”, however, you can specify if you want your information shared publicly or not. YCCC will maintain your information and contact you directly for inquiries requiring your permission to release.
• Each facet begins with your name, contact information and a brief descriptive paragraph you will compose, followed by a number of survey items containing tables of specific choices.
• You will self-identify your level of expertise in each category: Pro, Skilled / Non-Pro, Amateur, or Interest / Hobby.
• “Other” is the option for adding additional information.
• Each facet section will require about 10-30 minutes to complete. There are directions for saving your work and returning to complete or add sections at a later time. At the end of each survey section you will be given the choice to select another facet or complete and SUBMIT. Once you click SUBMIT, Google Forms will confirm your submission and provide a link THAT YOU WILL NEED if you'd like to complete / edit your response. CLICK on “Edit your response” and COPY the link provided. The link is unique to you.
• YCCC will contact you annually to confirm and/or update your Inventory information.
• Please encourage others to also become part of the Yamhill County Cultural Asset Inventory.

At the end of each section are two questions that will particularly assist YCCC in planning future services and funding initiatives. One regards professional development and the other, ideas and opportunities for enhancing the arts in Yamhill County.
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