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Thank you for your interest in NaTakallam's Integrated Arabic course for absolute beginners (25 hours of online class time covering Units 1-3 in the textbook Arabbiyat al-Nass Part 1 by Munther Younes).

Topics covered include: The writing system (alphabet), the number system, and 200 basic everyday words covering self-identification, family, work, the weather, transportation, clothing and colors, and food.

To register, please fill out this registration form and then purchase your 25 hours for $750 at this link:

If you have any questions, please email Shukran!

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Cost: Each hour long session is $30 an hour, bringing the total for the entire course to $750 (Non-refundable after the first 2 sessions. There is $75 admin cancellation fee as well). *
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