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Studio Address: Suite 16 / 3029 The Boulevard, The French Quarter at Emerald Lakes, Carrara
Corner of The Boulevard and Panorama Drive, upstairs on Level 1.
Access to Level 1 is via glass door to stairs between MyFit Gym and Pooches Patisserie
Ph: 0406 152 019
E: andrea@hinterlanddanceacademy.com

2021 Term dates:
Term 1: Wed 27/1/21 to Thurs 1/4/21
Term 2: Mon 19/4/21 to Sat 26/6/21
Term 3: Mon 12/7/21 to Sat 18/9/21
Term 4: Mon 4/10/21 to Concert (approx Sat 20/11/21 - Sat 4/12/21)

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ALL HDA STUDENTS TRAIN IN BALLET as a primary discipline. While we do offer contemporary and jazz classes as part of our program as well, we recommend trialling a ballet class when considering enrolment at HDA. What ballet class does the dancer wish to try? *
What date will the dancer attend their trial lesson? ----- Term 1: Wed 27/1/21 to Thurs 1/4/21 ----- Term 2: Mon 19/4/21 to Sat 26/6/21 ----- Term 3: Mon 12/7/21 to Sat 18/9/21 ----- Term 4: enrolments closed *
What to wear for a trial lesson: For ages 6 and under, the HDA ballet class uniform consists of a pink HDA logo leotard, pink chiffon skirt, pink tights and ballet shoes. Dancers age 7+ (Grade 1 Ballet+) wear a black HDA logo leotard, pink tights and ballet shoes. New students who don't already have our uniform can wear whatever ballet / activewear clothes they may already have, with either ballet shoes / bare feet / socks as we don't expect you to outlay on a uniform unless you're certain you will proceed with the enrolment. If all goes well at the trial and you're happy to proceed with enrolment, then we sell the required HDA uniform items (except shoes) at the studio. Proper ballet shoes need to be sized/purchased from Dance Desire in Ashmore upon enrolment. Our ballet shoe preference is canvas split-sole shoes. Hair in a bun for all dancers at every lesson please. We sell hair kits at the studio too - include elastics, hairnets, pins to match the student's hair colour. :)
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