React Rally 2019 Opportunity Scholarships
React Rally is offering opportunity scholarships!

We care a lot about diversity in the React community. Diversity of background and experience adds depth and richness to the community, the code we write, the events we attend, and the people we are. We want to make it easier for people marginalized or underrepresented groups to attend the conference because we think it will make it better for everyone.

We have a review board evaluate every application. Everyone will receive a yes or a no by the selection deadline.

Two Kinds of Scholarships

We are offering *two kinds of scholarships*: conference tickets only, and full ride (conference ticket + hotel + flight). Full ride scholarships are much more expensive, so there are fewer of them available. We believe by doing two kinds of scholarships we help more people attend with our limited resources. If you're awarded a conference ticket scholarship you'll be expected to arrange and pay for your own travel and accommodation. If you're awarded a full ride we'll contact you to arrange travel details.

Full Ride Award Includes:
* Paid registration for React Rally August 22nd & 23rd in Salt Lake City, UT
* Full Ride includes paid hotel for August 21st, 22nd & 23rd (checking out on the morning of August 24th) and a round trip flight to SLC, UT

Ticket Only Award Includes:
* Paid registration for React Rally August 22nd & 23rd

Important Dates:
* Application Deadline: Monday, May 20th
* Selection Deadline: Friday, June 3rd
* React Rally: August 22nd & 23rd

* Must currently be studying or working in software development or a related field
* International applicants are welcome, but you will be responsible for securing your own visa to attend the conference
* Must be available to attend the full duration of React Rally on August 22nd & 23rd in Salt Lake City, UT
* Scholarships aren't transferable. If selected, you'll need to show a photo ID to pick up your ticket.
* Must agree to abide by the code of conduct (

Do you have questions about the scholarships? Feedback? Fun poems you've composed about JavaScript? Let us know at

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