Holis V4 (Slovakia) 2020 Participant Registration - deadline for application is 17 May Midnight
This registration form is for you to say that you are interested and for us to see how big is the interest. You will need to fill in the application form to be evaluated. The link of the application form is at the bottom of this registration form.
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Holis is a cross-cultural event. We are eager to get as diverse group of people as possible.
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Gender balance is as important for us as disciplinary diversity.
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If you are a student please tell us what do you study and where. If you are working please tell what's your position and company. If you are a freelancer tell us what kind of work do you do. If you have a company, start-up tell us about it. If none of the above tell us what is it like :). (max 300 characters)
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To complete your application please upload your motivation letter and your project portfolio in this form: https://forms.gle/zHRAxngbPzzaF7xt7
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