#StopETP Campaign Sign-On Letter
To Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) management, financiers, unitholders, and customers,

We, the undersigned organizations, who represent millions of people including many communities directly impacted by ETP’s infrastructure projects, are launching a coordinated effort to challenge Energy Transfer Partners operations until the below demands are met.

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) is an oil and gas infrastructure company with pipelines crossing the United States. ETP has a robust history of failing to adequately protect public health, local communities and the environment. While ETP gains huge financial benefits from its operations, it has transferred the financial burden from its many failed operations to the backs of communities left to clean up after it. ETP has inflicted tremendous social and environmental harm, and is moving now to expand with new oil and gas pipelines across the United States. ETP’s record of environmental and human rights violations include:

– Desecrating sacred sites and violating indigenous sovereignty;
– Enabling violence against water protectors;
– Polluting democracy with more than $400,000 in campaign contributions to climate change-denying candidates for federal office in the last six years;
– Spilling oil and chemicals into the environment 317 times in the last eleven years, exposing communities and wildlife to toxic pollution;
– Violating landowner rights by profiting from eminent domain;
– Harming the climate by leaking methane from pipelines and compressor stations and enabling the expansion of extreme forms of oil and gas extraction;
– Failing to comply with environmental laws and permits for existing pipelines, which negatively impacts local communities and ecosystems.

ETP’s oil and gas pipeline projects are dangerous, exploitive, and unnecessary.

We demand that Energy Transfer Partners’ proposed and existing operations meet the following social and environmental criteria:

– Water – Cause no water pollution;
– Public Health – Cause no health-harming air pollution;
– Indigenous Rights – Recognize and respect Indigenous sovereignty, including the right to say “No”;
– Community Rights – Respect the rights of residents and property owners to protect themselves from harm;
– Climate – Meet the climate test to ensure the world does not exceed 1.5ºC temperature rise;
– Accountability – Pay and commit to clean up existing water and air pollution, and to compensate the harmed.

Along with millions of others in the US and around the world, we demand a rapid and just transition away from fossil fuels. ETP’s pipelines and infrastructure projects that expand our dependence on oil and gas are taking us in the wrong direction. We will oppose ETP’s infrastructure projects in our communities, along with companies doing business with ETP, investors that finance ETP, and agencies who give permits to and fail to regulate ETP, until the company embraces a clean energy, fossil fuel-free future, starting with publicly producing an analysis of the above criteria for all new fossil fuel projects. Our water, our communities, and our climate deserve nothing less.


Atchafalaya Basinkeeper
Bold Louisiana
DAPL Global Solidarity
Indigenous Environmental Network
Oil Change International
Rainforest Action Network
Waterkeeper Alliance

...and many more

View the full letter with citations here: http://bit.ly/StopETPletter.
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