African Science Academy - Scholarship Application Form 2021
Eligibility: female students with academic excellence, able to demonstrate clear need for financial assistance.
Please answer all questions.

Please make sure that you have completed the ASA Application form before completing this scholarship form. Scholarship applications will only be considered if the applicant has also completed the standard school application. This is the school application

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Who do you stay with?
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If you stay with a guardian or someone else, please specify your relation to them
Indicate state/condition of mother
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Indicate state/ condition of father
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How many siblings do you have?
What is the total number of children under 18 in your household? (those taken care of by the same parent or guardian)
Is your parent/ guardian
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If employed is your parent/guardian
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If employed, is your parent/guardian working
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What is your father’s profession?
How much does your father earn per month? (specify the currency)
What is your father’s highest level of education/degree attained?
What is your mother’s profession?
How much does your mother earn per month? (specify the currency)
What is your mother’s highest level of education/degree attained?
What is your guardian’s profession (if living with guardian)?
How much does your guardian earn per month (specify the currency) (if living with a guardian)?
What is your guardian’s highest level of education/degree attained (if living with a guardian)?
Who else contributes to your household (e.g. older sibling or extended family)? How much do they contribute approximately per month (specify the currency)?
Please list any other sources of household income, in order of importance, such as, rental income, transfer of income from outside the household, etc. and please describe the amount per month (specify the currency)
Who is providing your basic needs?
Who is paying the cost of your education?
Are you currently on a scholarship (if yes, please provide details)?
What is the amount of your current school fees for one academic year (inclusive of all top-up fees and levies and boarding fees) (specify currency)?
Have you or your siblings ever missed a significant part of a school term because of finances (if yes, please provide details)?
How much money do you spend on average per day at home?
Please describe the monthly household expenses. Examples: rent/mortgage, electricity, telephone, medical expenses, school fees, food, etc (please specify approximate amounts and specify the currency).
Does anyone who lives with you have a disability or chronic/fatal illness/disease (if yes, what is your relationship to the person and what illness or disability do they have)?
What is the main source of energy (light) in your house?
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Does your family/guardian benefit from any poverty reduction programme or food rationing (if yes, please provide details)?
Do you have a passport (If you have a passport, please describe below when, where, and why you have used it. Note that not having a passport does not preclude eligibility for a scholarship with ASA)?
Where do you have access to the internet?
Why do you need this scholarship to attend our school (please be as detailed as possible)?
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