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Course Description: This will be a fun, chill, 2-hour Minecraft event for teenagers who want to meet new people all over the world and just have an exciting time playing Minecraft. School can be quite stressful at times, but it is also equally as important to have some time for yourself to stop studying and doing homework, and instead, play Minecraft (which can be a pretty relaxing but exciting game to play). This event will take place through Discord, and the attendees will be playing mini-games such as Hunger Games or Sky Wars on different servers (Mineplex/Hypixel/etc), or playing in survival worlds and defeating Ender Dragons. (There are lots of games/mini-games in Minecraft, so we can definitely shoot out a poll for what people want to play!) This event is meant to be fun and exciting, and also a chance to make long-lasting connections: be ready to converse virtually (whether speaking on the call, or typing in the chat) with other teenagers on this Discord server!

Meet The Instructor: Sidney Tran is a high school senior in California! She wanted to make a fun little Minecraft event and get the chance to meet other teenagers that play Minecraft as well since it is a unique game that is played all over the world. Sidney has played Minecraft since she was in 3rd grade, starting from playing on iPhone pocket edition and going forwards to making great leaps and bounds in the game and co-owning a public survival server. Sidney now plays on the computer (Java edition), and loves playing survival worlds with her friends, visiting tourist attraction servers like Disneyland/Universal Studios, playing minigames on Mineplex/Hypixel, and visiting other themed servers (she recently visited a Minecraft server that had the theme, Avatar the Last Air Bender, one of her favorites!) Throughout her freshman year, Sidney was super dedicated to a minigame called turf wars (which is on Mineplex), and actually was a part of a professional league team that played tournaments. Sidney doesn't play as often as she did back then since she entered high school, but she still loves to play whenever she gets the chance. Sidney has made so many online friends and connections that have lasted for YEARS from Minecraft and even met a friend in person coincidentally (Crazy right? This story will be shared at the event!) Sidney is hoping this event gives people the chance to make new friends online!

Where: Discord and Minecraft Java (computer edition)

Age Range: 13-18

Date: September 12th

Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (PST)

1 Session Total: September 12th

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We have a $5 suggested entry fee for all workshop participants. All proceeds go directly to our nonprofit campaign for Frontline Foods, to help essential workers and small businesses during COVID-19. We highly encourage you to donate to our cause if you want to give back to QuaranTEEN and help out! Plus, as an extra bonus, those who pay the entree fee will receive lifelong access to the recorded session videos and a digital certificate for completion of the course. We are trying to reach our $1,000 goal by the end of the Fall! Have you donated $5? (Note: This entry fee is only suggested for those who have the means, and although we would greatly appreciate donations, it is NOT required! If you can't afford it at the moment- don't worry! You can still sign up!) *
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