Run for amazing vaulting gifts
Hello Vaulting News community! 2017 was an amazing year, at least for the vaulting world. To celebrate that, we are giving away super cool vaulting gifts every week until December 29th.
To take part in the raffle you only have to sign up in the form bellow with your name, your size and your e-mail address.

These are the gifts from me for you:
Week 1 (Dec 1st to 7th) - 1 red "Merry Winter Training" pullover in size S
Week 2 (Dec 8th to 14th ) - T-shirts Joanne Eccles. Sizes: 2x S, 5x M, 3x L
Week 3 (Dec 15th to 21st) - T-shirts Jacques Ferrari. Sizes: 2x S, 3x M, 2x L and t-shirts Neuss. Sizes: 2x S, 3x M, 2x L
Week 4 (Dec 22nd to 28th) - 16 (homework) diaries

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Conditions of participation
We guarantee that we won't be sending you any e-mail or propaganda. But we might take the liberty of updating you with the results of our Best of 2017 competition and the raffles.

Everyone who is already signed up for our newsletter will automatically be participating in the raffle and we'll take down everyone who signs up twice under the same name.

The final date of registration is December 28, 2017. The winners will be notified on December 8, December 15, December 22 and December 29, 2017. Names registered after one of the winners was drawn will be part of future raffles. Registrations will take part in all following drafts of this raffle, at the maximum four. Each week we will raffle the prizes of the week among all e-mail addresses entered in this form.

This is a raffle by . Responsible is Adele Feuerstein, Herrenhuter Straße 4, 04318 Leipzig, Germany,

The participants will not be charged with any costs. VaultingNews covers the shipping costs. The prizes will be sent by post. Winners will be notified via e-mail. Please send us your address, if you have won.

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