Mello Voice Donations
Thanks for offering your voice to dictate some meditations and/or stories for the Mello app and website. Although this is simply a voluntary donation, in the future, you may be reached out to again for paid dictations. For that reason, please understand that your name and preferred contact method may be stored on servers owned by Tutao GmbH and/or Proton Technologies AG. If you'd like to opt-out of this, please include "(OPT-OUT)" at the front of the first question, followed by your answer. Please ensure the word "opt-out" is separated from the rest of your answer for clarity.
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If you selected "email", what's your email? If you selected "phone", what's your phone number? If you selected "social media", what's your handle and on what social media.
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If reached out to, you may be asked to sign an agreement for Mello to use your voice and dictation in the Mello app and on Mello's website. Is this okay with you? *
When Mello's official branding materials come out, would you like some stickers? *
If so, when reached out to, your address will be requested. Stickers will only be shipped in the continental US. California residents may be entitled to free delivery.
Thanks again!
Thanks again for helping donate your voice to Mello. Can't wait to work with you!
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