Thessaloniki Demo Day at OK!Thess (March 2019)
Please answer the questions below in ENGLISH, as this an international event.

The information you provide will be reviewed by OK!Thess and the Angel & Venture Capital investors in our network. Investors who are interested in learning more about your startup will ask for a meeting with you on 19 Match 2019, at OK!Thess.

The exact meeting timeslots will be finalized as soon as investors make their selection, no later than one week before the event on 19 Match.

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[1000 characters max]. Describe how you are going to generate revenues, and from whom. How much will your customers pay? If you don't have customers yet how will you acquire them? Why is your model scaleable? Why will it be capital efficient? What will be your key drivers for growth? Have you validated your business model in any way? Has anyone used/paid for your product or service?
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