Ajahn Brahmāli 2018 — 5 Days Sutta Studies and Meditation Retreat “Be a sheep or be happy. The Buddha shows the way.”
at HKU-Kadoorie Centre, Shek Kong, 2 to 6 Nov 2018
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1. Only successful applicants can join the retreat.
2. Detailed retreat schedule and reminders will be sent to successful applicants in due course.
3. Full participation in the whole retreat is required.
4. Participants will stay in shared 3-person/ 6-person room with bathroom as assigned.
5. Please wear decent, comfortable clothes (no jeans or tight clothing, etc). Avoid wearing clothes which emit noises while you have body movements.
6. Sitting cushions will be provided during the retreat, but participants are encouraged to bring their own sitting meditation cushion if they have already had one.
7. Vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and evening liquid refreshments will be provided. Drinking water will be available throughout the day.
8. To support an environment conducive to cultivating peace of mind and wisdom, please observe noble silence throughout the retreat and in all areas of the venue. All kinds of electronic communication devices should therefore be switched off.
9. As reverence and morality are the foundation of effective meditation that leads to wisdom, all participants shall take the Three Refuges with respect and observe the Eight Precepts during the retreat.


About the Three Refuges and the Eight Precepts

The Three Refuges are the Buddha - the awakened one who experienced enlightenment; the Dhamma – the way to enlightenment; the Sangha – the community of the Buddha’s noble disciples who experienced enlightenment, being virtuous friends on the path to enlightenment. They embody enlightenment, showing guidance to Buddhist practitioners and leading them to be free from suffering


The Eight Precepts to be observed during the retreat are to:

1. Refrain from killing any living beings.
2. Refrain from taking things which are not given.
3. Refrain from sexual activity.
4. Refrain from untruthful, unwholesome or useless speech.
5. Refrain from taking intoxicants, including drugs, alcohol and smoking.
6. Refrain from eating food at the forbidden times, i.e. after noon (Note: Having light, liquid
refreshment is allowed in the evening, and please obtain permission if food consumption is needed for medical or health reason).
7. Refrain from dancing, singing, listening to music, going to see entertainments, wearing garlands, using perfumes, and beautifying the body with cosmetics.
8. Refrain from sitting or lying on high, luxurious seats (Note: There will be no luxurious seats at the retreat venue).

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