Sign CSAJ's Comments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regarding the impact of Payday lending on survivors.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has taken important action to curb the exorbitant interest rates, debt traps, and collections practices of PayDay lenders. But CFPB’s proposed rules are not strong enough, which will result in little impact on current practices, enforcement unlikely, and the open possibility for new footholds in states that currently ban Payday lending. This has clear implications for survivors of intimate partner and sexual violence who are at particular risk of harm from the effects of the debt trap.

Payday lending mirrors the coercive control and economic abuse perpetrated by the abusive partner the survivor worked so hard to escape. Survivors should not have to choose between safety and economic security.

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We cannot effectively address domestic violence if we legitimize abusive systems, such as Payday lending. Your voice and support is critical. In solidarity,
The Center for Survivor Agency and Justice
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