KSEC Rapid Response Network
This network is our main tool for quickly responding to situations that need immediate attention. PLEASE NOTE: a rapid response network only works well if it is used only when absolutely necessary, as such we will use this system sparingly.
If different for different parts of the year, please include all places and dates of residence
The Rapid Response Network will function mainly by using a group text service where a single number can be texted and all members will receive that text. Are you willing to be a part of this group?
This number is to be used only if the RR Network is being activated and not for chatter/back and forth conversations.
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If you do not want to participate in the Group Text, what would be your preferred method of contact?
Ex: phone call, email, Facebook, etc.
What would you like to be "activated" for?
By activated, we mean we will contact you and then you will quickly react to the thing needing a rapid response
Would you be interested in contacting and activating others in the network once you are activated?
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