Colorado Rastafari/One Love CSC Application for Membership
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New Member Agreement Terms
(1) I hereby agree to have Colorado Rastafari assist me in exercise my right of personal use of marijuana under the Colorado Constitution, Article XVIII 16(3)(e) et seq. / “Amendment 64”
(2) I acknowledge that I am applying for the privilege of membership voluntarily, and agree that Colorado Rastafari, its members, and management has the right and power to determine if I am suitable for membership at any time and for any reason.
(3) I certify that I am an adult aged twenty-one (21) years or older, and that when Colorado Rastafari provides me with assistance, I will provide no remuneration for the transfer of marijuana, but can provide reimbursement for direct or indirect costs incurred by Colorado Rastafari in providing assistance to me. Both parties acknowledge that this Agreement can be made or transmitted verbally, electronically, by facsimile, by Facebook, Twitter, or by any other means, and if so, has the same force and effect as if made or transmitted in writing.
(4) I acknowledge that the purpose of my membership will be as a form of expression of religion and association, protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as well as to exercise my constitutional rights under the Colorado Constitution, Article VXIII 16 (“Amendment 64”), and that One Love is authorized to assist me in the exercising of these rights.
(5) I understand that Colorado Rastafari is a nonprofit faith-based organization. I have been provided information regarding this organization, their beliefs and rules/guidelines of membership.
(6) I agree to adhere to the grievance and counseling policies of Colorado Rastafari and the terms and provisions of these Bylaws.
(7) I agree to treat myself, fellow members and staff with respect, acceptance, love and kindness. I will conduct myself accordingly at all times. One Love!
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Membership Aknowledgement
I accept membership into Colorado Rastafari and I recognize the importance of rendering personal service to my community in cooperation with other civic-minded persons. I understand that membership is not valid until approved by the board of directors. I also understand that by submitting this application, I agree to the terms and conditions setforth.

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