16mm Kaarigar
As we develop our ‘film’ programs for this year, here is presenting our star workshop, something we haven’t done in 2 years. Come join us for a chance to shoot, develop and project 16mm black and white film in our ‘16mm Kaarigar’ workshop.

Spread over two days, the workshop will delve into:

- the workings of the medium of 16mm black and white reversal film,
- working with a Krasnogorsk K3 16mm film camera (loading and filming)
- developing film using easily found chemicals in a darkroom
- working and handling a 16mm film projector

The second day of the workshop will be a hands-on experience of developing your very own piece of film in a darkroom, using easily found chemicals. Additionally, we will also be exploring alternate, eco-friendly DIY options for developing reversal film.

The workshop is designed to be with a small ground of 12 participants and will be personal and intimate in nature. The ideal participant is a maker, artist, filmmaker or a creative individual who sees himself/herself working with the medium of film in the future. It is a process driven workshop with a larger view of creating a community of makers working on film.

The workshop has limited seats, so we'd like you to fill up this short form for us and we will get back to you shortly!

Date & Time:
4th and 5th April | 11am- 5pm

Workshop fee: 5000/-

Last Date to Register: 25th March 2020
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