MHRR Rabbit Wait List
Last Update: Jan 2023
Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we are only able to accept emergency cases (medical issues, risk of euthanasia at animal control, etc.), MHRR adopted rabbits being returned, or strays if the finder or someone is able to house the rabbit either long term or when a foster home opens up (possibly weeks or months) on our waiting list.

We are unable to take in owner surrenders - please visit our website for tips on rehoming on your own or to fill out a for-adoption-by-owner assist form.




It's possible we can match up a rabbit to a foster or adopter seeking a specific type of rabbit if we have pictures. The best email address to use in regards to the wait list is: <- This is our main wait list email.

****Please fill out one form per pet if housed separately**** 

MHRR is a network of foster homes - we do not have a public shelter. Most of our rabbits are located in and around Baton Rouge, LA.

We can only keep as many as our foster homes can hold, and that number fluctuates depending on number of foster homes. We regret not being able to help them all but we must take proper care and provide appropriate housing, food, and vetting for the ones already in our care.

Summer is the hardest time as adoptions are less frequent (vacations, summer camps) and intake requests increase (college students moving, gets too hot for outdoor rabbits), but we try to keep the list going year round.
We try to prioritize for urgent or time-sensitive cases, and rabbits in animal control facilities where euthanasia is a possibility are top priority. Rabbits being returned from adoption are also top priority. Otherwise we try to take in rabbits in the order of date the requests were received. Donating a cage or habitat will not quicken the wait time, we appreciate the offer but we have additional habitats in storage in case of natural disaster, etc.

After Submitting a form: PLEASE EMAIL YOUR PETS PICTURES TO: (Include your name, pet's name, and wait list in the subject, this is our main email address to keep track of wait list bunnies.)

IF YOU ARE SURRENDERING A GUINEA PIG -> Please fill out our separate Guinea Pig Wait List form that can be found at the bottom of this page:

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