London Town: Now and Tomorrow
Last March, London Town closed its physical doors to the public but expanded its digital doors wide. In our "London Town from Anywhere" initiative, you can access the best of London Town from your home (or anywhere else). Please help us improve this initiative by taking this short survey.

Meanwhile, we're also gearing up to re-open as soon as possible. Please answer questions about what steps would make you comfortable and what sort of programming you'd like to see after things improve.

Thank you for taking our survey!
What kind of posts would you like to see more of from London Town? Choose your top 3.
How would you like to learn about these posts and programs? Check each that you regularly use.
For virtual programs, which tools do you prefer? Check as many as you would use.
After Maryland enters phase 1 of its re-opening plan, how soon would you expect to visit places such as London Town?
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What would make you feel safe and comfortable visiting London Town again? Choose up to three responses.
What sort of in-person programs would you like to attend once we're able to reopen? Choose up to 3 responses.
What is your zip code?
Please share any additional thoughts you may have about our survey. Thank you!
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