End COVID-19 Mandates in SC State Colleges!
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February 25, 2022

We are students, employees, alumni, parents of students, and concerned SC residents who have united to say, “End COVID-19 Mandates for Good and Make SC Colleges Great Again!” The emergency is over. Background information supporting our petition can be found at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ly-dYD7sK93kEOKXYO_YeIqADid4mpal/view?usp=sharing

To Governor McMaster, SC Legislatures & SC State College Leaders:

The State of South Carolina elected officials continue to allow SC State College Leaders to violate the rights and dehumanize both students and employees of our State Colleges and Universities.

We demand that the SC Legislatures and Governor McMaster:

1. Keep mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations out of the SC state colleges and universities
    (Proviso 117.163 protects right now and ends July 1, 2022, see below)
2. Ban any different policies based on a student's or employee's COVID-19 vaccination
    status in our SC colleges and universities (Proviso 117.163 helps keep the testing from
    being mandated to only the non-vaccinated, but need more protection from COVID-19
    vaccination discrimination)
3. Eliminate all required COVID-19 testing in SC state colleges and universities
4. End all mandatory face coverings permanently in SC state colleges and universities

We petition to the Leaders of the SC State Colleges and Universities:

1. Stop all mandatory COVID-19 testing in the SC State Colleges and Universities
    – Vaccinated or Not
2. End the discriminating mandatory quarantine policies in the SC State Colleges
    and Universities
3. Stop forcing the removal of students from their campus housing for isolation
    and quarantine
4. Remove all COVID-19 testing data, survey data, and genetic material from all research
    data until each individual student and employee clearly acknowledges and approves
    the use of their data and genetic material to be used in research
5. Make the approval of their data being used for research unconditional – ex. NOT based
    on registering for classes, condition for employment, or based using the Clemson
    COVID-19 testing lab services
6. End all mandatory face coverings permanently in the SC State Colleges and Universities

Find Signatures of Our Petition Here & Personal Testimonies - http://www.emergencyisover.com/ 

Proviso 117.163 - (which ends July 1, 2022)
117.163.    (GP: COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination Restriction - Institutions)  For the current fiscal year, state-supported institutions of higher learning that directly or indirectly receive funds appropriated or authorized through the general appropriations act shall be restricted from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for any student as a condition of enrollment, attendance at on campus instruction, or residence on campus.  In instances of off-campus learning events for which third party program providers require proof of vaccination, the third party requirements shall apply.
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