SciCoder 2019: W. M. Keck Observatory • Workshop Application
Please complete the following information to apply to attend the SciCoder 2019 Workshop, 9-13 September 2019. The workshop is hosted and sponsored by the W. M. Keck Observatory in Kamuela, Hawaii.

Applications will be accepted until 29 July 2019. To assist in planning and travel, early acceptance notifications may be possible - if required please contact Demitri Muna at demitri.muna at after completing your application.

PLEASE NOTE! Space is particularly limited this year compared to previous years. It's possible that the registration may close early if a sufficient number of applications are filled out. You will be informed on or about July 30 if you have been accepted, at which time the $275 workshop fee will be due. A receipt will be provided at the workshop.

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Computer & Software Information
All participants are expected to provide their own laptops with at least 20GB of free space on their internal hard drive (or an external drive). Your laptop must have an installation of Mac OS X or Linux. If you run Windows, we will provide suggestions for installing Linux in a virtual environment or as a dual boot option, but for technical support on this your best bet is to speak to your local system administrator.
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All participants are required to install a given list of software prior to arriving at the workshop. Support will be available beforehand if needed.
Special Considerations
Please note any special considerations you might have with respect to attending the workshop here.
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Are you interested in sharing accommodation? *
Accommodations will be the responsibility of the participant. If you are interested, we can match you with other participants to share a room with to bring your travel cost down. You can always contact Demitri Muna if you change your mind.
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