Survey on XR technology
In this survey, we are asking questions on issues related to XR technology, their use, or potential future use in urban environments. Examples of XR technologies include augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies.

This is a scientific project coordinated by Adam Mickiewicz University (PL) and Swansea University (Wales). You can read more about the project and contact us with any questions through the project website:

This survey is anonymous and you will not be asked to disclose any personal information unless you want to participate in our raffle for participants in which case we will need your email for the purpose of the winners. If you do this you will a chance of winning Steam gift card (40 PLN or equivalent in your currency). We will give out 1 gift card per 10 participants. You can read more about the survey here:
What kind of smart technologies have you encountered to date? (you can select multiple options)
What kind of XR technology have you encountered to date? (you can select multiple options)
How useful, in your opinion, is XR technology for the kind of uses listed below? (5 = very useful, 1 = not at all useful)
5. Very useful
4. Moderately useful
3. Neutral
2. Somewhat not useful
1. Not at all useful
Tourist information
City information
Social media
Visualizing design of spaces
Clear selection
Which media do you think are best suited to be overlaid on physical spaces using XR? (5 = very well suited, 1 = not at all suited)
5. Very well suited
4. Moderately well suited
3. Neutral
2. Slightly not suited
1. Not at all suited
Movie clips
Interactive features
Clear selection
What type of XR anchoring would be preferable to you? (5 = very preferable, 1 = not at all preferable)
5. Very preferable
4. Slightly preferable
3. Neutral
2. Slightly not preferable
1. Not at all preferable
Marker based – where there is a visible sign (marker) telling the user that virtual content can be accessed
Markerless – where XR content can be attached to any physical object
Location based – where XR content can be accessed when user is in specific location
Clear selection
What places are best suited, in your opinion, for smart city XR content? (5 = very suitable, 1 = not at all suitable)
5. Very well suited
4. Slightly suited
3. Neutral
2. Slightly unsuitable
1. Not at all suitable
city website
city administration buildings
paper leaflets and brochures
urban furniture
urban infrastructure
specialized applications
public LCD screens
media feeds
Clear selection
How acceptable is the presence of XR content in the places listed below? (5 = very acceptable, 1 = not at all acceptable)
5. Very acceptable
4. Slightly acceptable
3. Neutral
2. Slightly unacceptable
1. Not at all acceptable
Public spaces
Churches and other Religious places
Bars and Restaurants
Private properties
Government or local authority buildings
Clear selection
Should overlaying AR content on someone else's property (e.g. building, work of art etc. ) require permission?
Clear selection
What is the importance of the following issues in the wider acceptance and use of XR technology (5 = very important, 1 = not at all important )
5. Very important
4. Slightly important
3. Neutral
2. Slightly unimportant
1. Not at all important
Fear of privacy violation by technology companies
Fear of location disclosure
Lack of skills in the use of technology
Lack of appropriate software and technology
Low number of useful apps and software
Fear of being closed off to other people and self-removal from social life
Digital exclusion
Rise of anonymity in social life
City officials are reluctant to new technological solutions
XR technologies are expensive to use
Cities will become hackable
Cities will be prone to technological redundancy
Cities will become prone to technological breakdown
Clear selection
What uses in a smart city context can you see XR technologies being useful for in the future? (you can select more than one answer)
Have you ever been involved with the development or creation of XR (AR/VR/MR) content? (select one or more options) *
What is your age? *
Please describe your gender from the options below (or self-describe using Other field) *
Where do you live? (please provide the name of the country where you currently live) *
What is your country of birth? (please provide the name of the country if it is different from where you live currently)
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