Committee to Protect Journalists Women's Safety Survey 2019
The Emergencies Response Team at the Committee to Protect Journalists is looking to improve the safety tools and resources available to women and gender nonconforming journalists working in the United States and Canada. As the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker found, there has been an increase in physical and digital attacks on journalists in the United States, and CPJ’s reporting has found that women and gender nonconforming journalists face many overlooked challenges.

From physical to digital to psychological threats, CPJ wants to understand the types of threats women and gender nonconforming journalists face, what safety and security information is available to them, and what kind of related training, if any, they have received. Even if you have not faced any safety issues, we would still like to hear from you. Our goal is to understand where the gaps are in terms of journalists' safety knowledge and to develop appropriate tools and resources to better support journalists based on the risk environment in which they work. CPJ is looking for a varied group of respondents from many different journalism backgrounds.

This is an entirely optional survey and you do not need to answer all the questions. (Some questions, however, are required.) The data gathered in this survey will be used to help CPJ better respond to the needs of women and gender nonconforming journalists. Your responses will remain confidential, and survey data will be released publicly only in a form that does not identify the names of the individuals who provided information to CPJ. All data received in the course of this survey will be subject to our privacy policy* (linked to below). If you are interested in speaking further with CPJ about your experiences, and for possible inclusion in a reported story, there is space to provide your contact details at the bottom of the survey.

Speaking about incidents you faced can, understandably, be traumatic. More information about safety resources, including trauma support, is listed at the end of this survey. (Please note that CPJ does not provide direct counselling.)

Please respond to this survey by March 31, 2019. CPJ will follow up with respondents in a few months to see if or how their perceptions of their personal journalistic safety have changed.

This survey was created by Lucy Westcott, the James Foley Fellow at the Committee to Protect Journalists. If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, or comments about this survey, please email LWESTCOTT@CPJ.ORG. Thank you for your input and for your time.


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