A Letter of Gratitude to the Students of Hampshire College
28 February 2019

We, members of the Hampshire College community, write to express our deepest admiration for the students of Hampshire College. Since the January 15th announcement that Hampshire might not accept a Fall 2019 class, Hampshire students have publicly devoted their energy, brilliance, wisdom, and radical imaginations to preserving our educational model and our community’s historical commitment to shared governance. All the while, despite the uncertainty surrounding the college’s fate, they continue to engage fully in their studies, consistently impressing us, as they always have, with the extremely high quality, originality and seriousness of their academic work.

Since February 1st, when the Board of Trustees announced its decision to admit only Early Decision and gap year students in Fall 2019, Hampshire students have maintained a strikingly peaceful, well-organized and respectful sit-in at the President’s Office and the Office of Student Life. Demonstrating their commitment to each other’s well-being, they have worked tirelessly to ensure that participants in the sit-ins complete their course-work, get rest and are fed. Entirely on their own, they have established effective channels of communication with faculty, staff, and the administration.They have capably organized teach-outs at Hampshire and in the Five College community, strengthening their relationships and building new ones in a spirit of critical inquiry and collaboration. In the best tradition of an engaged, justice-minded Hampshire education, they have posed tough questions and eloquently articulated their own demands, at every turn prioritizing inclusive decision-making and the well-being and survival of our community.

In this troubling time, Hampshire students have consistently expressed care, appreciation and love for staff and faculty. Their energy, determination and persistence energizes us. In turn, we are fully committed to them. We write this open letter today to confirm: our deepest gratitude to Hampshire College students; our strongest belief that, together, we are Hampshire; and our commitment to working with them as we strive to secure their education and envision our future together.

In solidarity and thanks,

Megan Dobro
Rachel Conrad
Susana Loza
Jaime Dávila
Karen Koehler
Nathalie Arnold Koenings
Daniel Altshuler
Donna Cohn
Ira Fay
Ethan Meyers
Ashley Smith
Will Ryan
Jennifer Hamilton
Daniel Kojo Schrade
Margaret Cerullo
Daniel Warner
Jason M. Tor
Alan Goodman
Angie Willey
Jeff Wallen
Viveca Greene
Lili M. Kim
Lourdes Mattei
Pamela Stone
Kaća Bradonjić
Jennifer Bajorek
William Brayton
Myrna Breitbart
Djola Branner
Dasha Chapman
Abraham Ravett
Kim Chang
Roosbelinda Cárdenas
Jutta Sperling
Laela Sayigh
Marty Ehrlich
Monique Roelofs
Michele Hardesty
Junko Oba
Andrea Dezsö
Christoph Cox
Herb Bernstein
Cynthia Gill
Marlene Fried
Wilson Valentin
Peter Gilford
Lee Spector
George Fourlas
Aaron Berman
Blair McLaughlin
Peter Kallok
Sarah Partan
Deborah Goffe
Claudio Nolasco
Jana Silver
Uzma Aslam Khan
Flavio Risech-Ozeguera
Lynda Pickbourn
Laura Greenfield
John Castorino
Becky Miller
Kay Johnson
Susan Tracy
Tim Zimmerman
Billie Mandle
Ellie Siegel
Jim Wald
Emmanuel Morales
Thúy Lê
Seeta Sistla
Will MacAdams
Emily Rimmer
Neil Young
Alejandro Cuellar
Rebecca, Alum
Chris Perry
Deborah Benjamin-Koller
Heather Bell, F87
Autumn Phaneuf
Suzanne Fortier
Javiera Benavente
Maureen Brown
Kane Stewart
Naya Gabriel
Michele Baltus
Rick Davis
Suzanne Perkins
Anne Hendrixson
Robin Potter Nolasco
Elle Chan, F87
Amy Donahue
Amy Ziegler, F73
Joanna Weinberg Lawless, F95
Stephen Dillon
Lee Schauer, parent
Joseph Carry
Michael Leff, parent
April Merleaux
Catharine Smith
Damon Hastings F11
Linda Green
Alana Kumbier
Susan Etkind, alum
Adam Quinn, F10
Amy Putnam, staff
Casey Andrews
Deb Gorlin
Jacqueline Hayden, Emerita
Cat/Milo Bezark, F14, staff
Sheila Heady
Dean Hubbard, F78
Andrew Toomajian
Beth Mattison
Brianna Mercker, staff 2006-11
Bea Cusin
Lindsay Moon, alum, staff
Yogesh Chandrani
Jonathon Podolsky, alum
Sara Smith, F90
Rob Herndon, Jr., parent
Maya Sungold
Suzanne Coffey, parent
Raffi Sherak
Lawrence Winship, Emeritus
Davis Robinson S76
Dan Inglis
Christopher Jarvis
Jane Mezoff, F78
Debra Michaud, F93
Amy Dryansky, Staff, CBD
Rob Gogan, F70
Stephen Gallant, parent
Devin Morse, F10
Faune Albert
Mary Bombardier
Carrie Gallant
Demetria Shabazz
Elliot Oberholtzer, F07
Alissa Graff, F10
Bruce Quaglia F83, Former HAAP Coord. Admissions
Justin Haines F91
Joan Wattman, F74
Alicia Ellis
Frederica J Koss
Karin Martin,F84
Liza Neal, F91
Ronna Kabatznick
Alynda Wood, F09
Carollee Bengelsdorf
Marissa Jones, F04
Tessa Stackow, F13
Jonathan Diamond, F78
Mia Pan, F12
Amy Ferber F77, parent F16
Deborah Agre F74
Constance Valis Hill, Emerita
Kassandra Neiss, F08
Ellie Siegel
Marianne Jansen Rollinson, F73
Patricia Montoya
Jennifer Bomarcich
Alexis Salas
Robert Croll
Melinda Williams
Sadie Shurberg
Ben Schaeffer, F93
Lauren van Haaften-Schick
Justine Zollo
Kate Browne F78
Claudia Leff
Milo Muise, F10
Omar Dahi
Casey Chon, F14
David Ackley
Stephan Cohen, F72
Faune Albert
Bijan Pakdel
Jo Stein 76F
Lauren Mills

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